Loading/filling technology by IGATEC

IGATEC is your competent contact for planning, supply and construction of loading and unloading facilities for gaseous and liquid products into fuel rail tank cars and tank trucks.

The internationally achieved success with our new technology of TOP SPOT® as well as NEW ON SPOT loading systems is our everyday incentive to push on permanently the state of technology.

Hidden behind the terms TOP SPOT® and NEW ON SPOT is the newest generation of fully-automated loading arms. The TOP SPOT®-Loading arm combines the properties of the two known systems Top Loading (high flexibility and mobility with large working area) and ON SPOT (high loading performance) to be a highly functional unit. The development of this new loading technology was patented by IGATEC and successfully introduced in Russia.

Our fully-automated NEW ON SPOT system is the further development of the traditionally used hydraulic ON SPOT system. That is, why our specialised engineers continuously search for further developments of new technologies.

The TOP SPOT®-Loading system and the NEW ON SPOT-Loading system are designed to handle big amounts of liquids (10 million tons/year) into rail tank cars. The filling of the tank cars with these systems works fully-automated.

Our systems are designed for extreme weather conditions. Particularly for the Russian Federation our loading systems are designed and constructed to withstand very low temperatures up to minus 55 °C.

As manufacturer of our loading systems we do among the supply of turn-key complete installations also supply single loading components:

You get everything from one source:

Construction, design, manufacturing, mounting, start-up and after-sales service of loading arms and complete loading systems.

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