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IGATEC International GmbH Realizes LPG-Loading Plant in Ust-Kut (RF)

With project location in Ust-Kut (Russia) IGATEC International GmbH as a prime contractor actually realizes a loading facility for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a mixture of butane and propane). When finished the loading terminal will perform a loading capacity of 2 million tons per year.

The entire facility consists of different terminals, e.g. one terminal for prearrangement of road tankers with 10 Top Loading Systems. Subsequently the loading of the tanker train will be carried out by the loading terminal with 20 Top Loading Systems.

If a leakage is detected whilst loading, the damaged road tanker will be discarded and discharged at a separate single discharging system. The scope of delivery includes all periphery technology like steel constructions and automation systems.

The basic engineering of the plant was already completed in August. Actually the project is running ordering procedure.




IGATEC Top Loading