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IGATEC GmbH Realizes a Parking Garage Using Siemens SIMATIC and SEW Components

IGATEC GmbH is currently reprogramming and visualizing an already existing parking garage.

The parking system consists of a rotary table transferring the vehicles (entry and exit) to 12 parking places. The implemented control system Siemens SIMATIC S7 and frequency inverter SEW allow the parking places, which are carrying the vehicles, to move in longitudinal or transverse direction as well as upwards, just like a sliding puzzle. After transferring the vehicle to the system at the rotary table the process of parking is carried out automatically. This allows an optimal use of the existing parking space.

Car tracking within the parking system is implemented via RFID devices. These devices are attached to each car key and parking place. Thus, the system automatically recognizes if a vehicle has to be brought "into" the plant or "out" of the plant. Furthermore, the system recognizes which car is currently located on which parking module.

A light curtain installed at the entry/exit of the garage system guarantees personal safety. Any interruption of the light curtain stops the parking system immediately. Laser scanners monitor the proper position of the vehicle on the rotary table before starting the automatic parking process. If the position of the vehicle is wrong, the parking process does not begin. Furthermore, the parking operator receives a notice about the wrong position showed by the traffic light at the entry/exit or on the control panel HMI (Siemens TP1500 Comfort).

IGATEC GmbH additionally implements a "Mobile Control Panel" into the existing bus structure of the parking system to simplify maintenance. An internet-based remote maintenance solution guarantees the availability of the parking system in case of emergency.

Parkgarage Schaltschrank


Parkgarage Schaltschrank