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Ust-Kut - Chief assembly of LPG-loading station in the Russian town Ust-Kut is started!!

Chief assembly of LPG-loading platform started end of October 2015 with steel construction building-up.  

The new plant to be erected consists of following main components:

  • Double-track loading platform for rail tankers (RT) with a capacity of 10 stations per track (if necessary emptying of RT with nitrogen) equipped with IGATEC loading arms for liquefied gas
  • Single-track preparation station with 10 stations
  • Emergency emptying system for one damaged rail tanker

The loading establishment design allows loading and unloading of rail tankers truck with LPG on the same track. The emptying of the rail tankers is operated by nitrogen.

The automated LPG loading platform consists of following equipment:

  • Preparation platform:
    Consisting of 10 automated unloading arms for LPG, built up with IGATEC swivel joints Type LCF and the same number of vapor recovery arms
  • Loading platform:
    Consisting of 2 x 10 automated loading and unloading arms for LPG and the same number of vapor recovery arms
  • Emergency emptying system:
    Consisting of one emptying arm and vapor recovery arm for emergency emptying of LPG from damaged rail tanker (e.g., leakage)
  • Automatic control system for loading processes
  • Automatic acquisition of loaded product quantity using mass flowmeter
  • Overfill protection device for rail tankers

The plant has a capacity of 750m³/h and therefore can load and unload during maximal 2 hours up to 1500m³ of LPG. This corresponds with exactly 20 rail tank trucks of 73,1m³.