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Swivel Joints


Smooth-Running Swivel Joints

IGATEC International GmbH in Hagen has reduced the initial breakaway torque at swivel joints type W, T and V by upto 85%.

This reduction has been achieved by development of a new gasket conception. The development was motivated by increased requests for smooth-running swivels from our customers who needed those for applications like e.g.


  • Reduction of flexural fatigue stress on hose connections
  • Reduction of torsional load on hose connections


This bending and torsion stress has prohibited the use of hoses in many cases and required the use of flexible piping like swivel joint scissors which increased capital expenditure.

The new generation of smooth-running swivel allows applications which hasn´t been feasible before and increase durability of already realized applications.

Positive side-effect of smooth- running is the basically higher durability of gaskets and seals due to minimized internal friction.

Swivel joint - smooth-running

Type T

Swivel joint - smooth-running - type T

Type V

Swivel joint - smooth-running - type V

Type W

Swivel joint - smooth-running - type W