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Steam Enforced Crude Oil Production by Use of High Temperature Swivel Joints

Production of crude oil is a sofisticated process because neither it does not flow by itself nor is it pumpable forever. merely 20-30% of the existing oil could be produced by using state of the art technology. Continually rising crude oil prices economize more and more cutting edge technology like e.g. steam enforced production as realized in Schoonebeek in the Netherlands.

What means that steam under high pressure(1305psi/90bar) and temperature(608°F/320°C) is injected into oil running deposits to decrease the viscosity of the oil (high percetage of bitumen) and by that to drive it out of its bedrock.

The feeding charge of steam as well as the produced crude oil are transfered by flexible pipework equipped with IGATEC swivel joints type HT.

The requirements to the materials of swivel joint bodies, gaskets and design has been very ambitious, because of high pressure and temperature of the transferred fluids. those ae corrosive, abrasive, combustible and by that a serious issue for health and environment.

Using this new technology with IGATEC swivel joints type HT, the oil production in Schoonebeek could be restarted in 2011 after it was cancelled in 1996.

Strict compliance of customer specifications according NACE MR0175/ISO15156 was a master goal to achive conversion of this project

Rohrdrehgelenk Typ HT Hochtemperaturgelenk


Gelenkschere aus DUPLEX Stahl

Gelenkschere aus DUPLEX Stahl