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Project Closure at Tyco Electronics: IGATEC GmbH Modernized Process Monitoring of a Galvanizing Plant

IGATEC GmbH successfully extended and modernized the process monitoring of a galvanizing plant for Tyco Electronics.

Field of activity was the coiling and decoiling process of the metal strip to be galvanized. Previously any kind of malfunction in the process, e.g. end of coil was indicated by a collective alarm. The customer requested an indication of various malfunctions by single alarms.

For this purpose new switch cabinet doors were designed, manufactured and installed. Each alarm needs to be acknowledged separately by means of additional buttons. Besides 8 lamps were installed displaying the alarm condition with 3 different colors (alarm, no alarm, inactive alarm). The realized extension of the visualization system allows a manual or recipe-controlled activation of single alarms. Furthermore the necessary alignment of the control program (programmable logic controller) was carried out by IGATEC.