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IGATEC International GmbH Receives Order for Rotary Joints Used in Steel Plants

IGATEC International GmbH starts into 2015 with a new project:
A leading manufacturer of steel mills has ordered 8 large rotary joints. These rotary joints will be designed, manufactured and delivered for the use at large steel converters.

Rotary joints for converters are used in steelworks at the trunnion of the converter. They connect the rigid piping of the steelwork with the rotatable converter supplying gases, air and cooling water. The oxygen e.g. has to be blown into the liquid melt to remove carbon from molten pig iron. Argon and nitrogen are injected to sustain mixing of the melt.

Scope of delivery includes the rotary joints as well as the piping within the trunnion of the converter. While 4 rotary joints with 10 channels (DN20) are realized to supply argon and nitrogen, another 4 rotary joints with 3 channels (DN200, DN100) are realized to charge air and cooling water. Two of each are for the use as spare parts.

Rotary Joints for converters

Rotary Joints for converters