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IGATEC supplying ship loading arm DN200 (8“) to MINERA in Mannheim

Within the scope of modernizations MINERA Mineralöl GmbH in Mannheim has commissioned IGATEC to deliver a new ship loading arm for the renewed loading platform.

The ship loader is designed according to state-of-the-art and equipped with a safety system. In case of drifting off ship, this system warns the operator by visual and acoustic signals in time and in case of emergency will disconnect the ship from the jetty by an ERC - Emergency Release Coupling. If this BAC – Break Away Coupling - is activated both orifices of this coupling are immediately closed within split seconds in order to prevent the escape of the product.

On Tuesday, 11.24.2015, at 7:00 in the morning the loading arm is delivered by heavy goods transport to Mannheim harbor. Where 2 cranes are already waiting to elevate the 13.5-ton ship loading arm from the truck and bring it into a vertical position. Then the arm is transferred from the heavy-duty crane to the floating crane and fixed thereon with 4xM42 bolts for transport to the loading platform of MINERA.

Half an hour later the floating crane reaches the loading platform and passes the ship loader to the assembly crew that is already waiting on the platform. The crew fixes it with 8xM42 bolts in its final working position. The transport locks on the balance weights are subsequently removed and the flexible pipes mounted to the cantilever.

Only 5 hours have passed from the delivery to the successful final assembly of the new loading arm DN200.