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PowerUnit PU 821


IGATEC receives contract for PowerUnit at PHARMASERV Marburg

IGATEC receives contract for PowerUnit at PHARMASERV Marburg

IGATEC has received the contract for a PowerUnit transforming the pressure drop of PHARMASERV steam grid to optimize the efficiency of this steam supply. The actual steam supply system is generating vapor of 16bar and expanding it down to 9bar to generate superheated steam.

This is done to avoid condensate in the steam grid on the way to PHARMASERV´s customers using the steam for their pharmaceutical processes.

Part of this pressure drop will now be transformed into electricity by the turbine of IGATECs PowerUnit. In a second stage the expanded saturated steam will be superheated by a special heat exchanger. This offers the probability to adjust the grade of superheating seasonally to the environmental temperatures.

This energy module has - caused by its intelligent control system – the probability to adapt the electrical performance from approximately 20-100% to the steam consumption.

It is able to generate a max. of 135kW electrical power.