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Mobile Test Plant


The mobile test plant for production of raw oil of GDF SUEZ in Speyer goes on line

After 4 days of commissioning the mobile test plant of GDF SUEZ in Speyer (Clusterplatz I) goes on line on the 8th of April 2016. This plant is designed for any kind of production tests on oil wells. This facility allow crude oil production from new wells as well as all required jobs after cleanouts of oil, gas and geothermal wells.

Due to its modular construction, this plant has a wide field of application, e.g. for pigging test runs at oil or gas pipelines or long-term production tests at wells.

Components of the plant:

  1. 4 Storage tanks (material 316 L)(2 pure oil tanks; 1 pure oil tank or processing tank; 1 deposit water tank)
  2. 1 Separator (material 1.4571) (2 or 3 phases; standing in container frames)
  3. Complete steel pipework (Wet H2S service) with application of the hammer unions and armatures
  4. 2 Heat exchanger (material 1.4571)
  5. Heating unit
  6. 20' container for the electric distribution, production of instrument air and measuring station
  7. 2 Material containers for storage of materials during the operation and for the transport of the plants parts
  8. Pumps and loading plants
  9. Gas processing
  10. Flare with an associated petroleum gas (covert burning) with propane pilot-flare burner
  11. Loading unit with optional gas compensation system
  12. Fire detection system; lightning protection
  13. CMD&A with partial automation and visualisation and option of remote monitoring
  14. High pressure unit 25 m3/h at 25 bar, well head flow pressure.

Mobile Testanlage für Erdölproduktion